Get our brand new board to enhance the fun and play everywhere with your best pals 😜, your friends at the next party, or anytime during your holiday. 🌴
This BEER board allows you to play the BEER TOSSIT mode. Find out more here. But that's not all! The back side of the board gives you the opportunity to play all the other classical rules
2 playing surfaces for the price of one. 

2-8 players
5 playing modes at least
100% silicone (Higher Quality)
Flexible and rollable to facilitate the transport
Product lifetime: many years

In this pack: 2 silicone pads (45 cm x 50 cm). Put them side by side to get the full board. 

TOSSIT game is an ingenious and fun mix between darts, bowls, and molkky. Play it inside or outside, several rules for family time or party time with friends. It uses soft darts with a powerful and resistant suction cup optimised to stick to many smooth surfaces. Designed in France.

100% food grade silicone, not a single drop of plastic.

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